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Do you want to find Love and your future Partner?

In Toro we will help you to find it.


Toro Dates was created to allow all of us, the singles, to finally date again. The professionals working at Toro Bar will match you with your perfect mate. By completing the questionnaire, you will help them find that special someone that fits. Once you register, the Toro Bar will send you an email with all required information such as Date, Time and Location. 

Now let the single life end with a glorious dinner!



The centrally located Toro Bar offers the ideal location for a first get together.

The Toro Dates will of course offer the required  romantic ambience to give you the best possible chance of a pleasant first meeting. 

Image by Universal Eye


We have created a menu especially for the date night, which has something for every taste.  

Of course, also during the date sharing means caring, thanks to our tasty tapas variety that is done easily! 



Leave the organization of the date to us! Stress-free and full of anticipation, we await you on the day of the get together in our Toro Bar. You will meet your ideal mate; your counterpart, who has carefully been selected, for the first time in the Toro Bar. 


What's next?

Did you get along well?

Do you want to see each other again?  

The next step is up to you!

Be open and honest during the date and dare to make plans for the future. 

Do you want to join?

Then fill out the questionnaire and we will get in touch with you.

Please fill out the registration form correctly. 

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